Hardeep Buckshi

Hardeep Buckshi

Hardeep Buckshi

Hardeep Buckshi is a multi-talented Canadian singer and composer. Although he specializes in singing ghazals and semi-classical, he is also versatile in composing and singing a variety of Indian music. Hardeep plays various instruments such as sitar, tabla, harmonium, piano and guitar.
In order to keep Indian music alive in Canada, Hardeep has continuously been performing as well as teaching vocal and instrumental music for the last three decades. He has written some of his own lyrics and composed them skillfully, but never claims to be a poet.
Hardeep has had the priviledge of composing the background music for the feature film “Grandpa”, and the English documentary “Silent Cry”. He has given countless stage performances in Ottawa and many other cities across Canada.


Audio clips from the album “Jumbish


“Hasti apni habab ki si hai”



Hardeep Buckshi, a Ganda-Bundhit (traditional) disciple of the legendary Mehdi Hassan, an internationally renowned singer, has been able to keep the traditional ghazal gaayaki (singing) alive in Canada for the last 30 years. Hardeep has attracted a vast audience from all walks of life, by his captivating voice and original style of singing. He has had the privilege of performing with Mehdi Hassan on stage in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
Hardeep’s father was a lawyer and mother, a housewife. He is the youngest child of a family of four sisters and one brother. God gifted the family with melodious voices and talent for music. He was inspired by Pandit Kundan Lal and Master Vishambhar Das from whom he received grooming in semi-classical vocal music and completed his music degree from Allahabad University.
Hardeep has been featured on International Radio and Television, including Door Darshan TV (India) and CBC Radio (Canada). Decades of hardwork dedication, devotion and extraordinary original style of singing have made Hardeep Buckshi a living legend in Canada.


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